Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation in Minnesota

Minnesota drug addiction helpMinnesota is one of the United States's largest states physically, and with a population of 5.27 million it's also got a lot of residents. However, over 100,000 of those residents are affected by drug addiction and substance abuse personally. Also, since those are just the reported statistics, it's entirely possible that the number is in truth much bigger than that. However, as with the rest of the country, Minnesota has made efforts to provide drug and alcohol rehabilitation for those that need help to end their use and abuse.

Types of Rehab

Generally speaking there are only two types of rehab; inpatient and outpatient. Outpatient rehab is where a client comes in for therapy, stays for the duration and then goes back to his or her life. This is ideal for those who have responsibilities and obligations, like a job or a family out in the "real" world. However, outpatient rehab also works best for individuals who just need a little help to control and eventually quit their reliance on drugs and alcohol. If a substance abuser's problems are too far gone for outpatient rehab, inpatient rehab may be the proper answer.

Inpatient rehabilitation is for those who need help that can only be provided in a hospital style setting. Long term inpatient rehabilitation is often called residential rehab, because the person lives at the facility until treatment is complete and they're ready to return to their life. Inpatient rehab is for those who need medical care for a smooth detox program, and who may need intense therapy to alter their personal habits to stop further drug abuse. Because there's no cure for addiction, the only way to prepare a patient for remaining strong outside of the facility is to make sure he or she understands why they want to use drugs, and how to avoid slipping into use again.

Specialty Rehabilitation

Different facilities in the state of Minnesota focus on different types of treatment or work with different patients. For instance, some facilities rely on faith based approaches as well as medical ones, offering clients a wider range of options should they feel that prayer can work to give them strength. Other facilities may offer services for select drugs, an issue for some such as users of heroin who go on methadone. Still other facilities focus on adolescents or on women; this can play a part in decision-making.

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