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Minnesota drug treatmentRochester is the third largest city in the state of Minnesota, sporting a population of over 100,000 people. However, this city has been dealing with a substance abuse problem that goes back for decades. With statistics cutting the field almost dead even between alcohol and other drugs, and with a significant number of the victims in question being minors, there is a lot of concern in Rochester, as well as the need for rehab services. Fortunately the city has rehabilitation services ready to go for those that require them.

Rehabilitation Clinics and Services

For those that need alcohol or drug rehabilitation services there are over a dozen options in the city alone. This doesn't include programs and support services like Alcoholics Anonymous or other groups that provide a social safety net to help substance abusers stay on the straight and narrow. However, this array of options gives substance abusers who need to recover from their using habits different choices that can work for them based on their unique disposition.

Next to alcohol abuse, marijuana use is the next biggest substance problem in Rochester. This is followed by other drugs such as cocaine, crystal meth, opiates and prescription drug abuse. Whether a given substance abuser needs an inpatient or an outpatient experience will then depend on how far gone he or she is, and the amount of medical attention a detox requires. Additionally, some facilities may only offer partial hospitalization, meaning that once a patient is stable and any dangerous symptoms of detox have passed, they will be released to an outpatient program.

Client Focus

In addition to inpatient and outpatient differences, many services also focus more on a given type of client or substance abuse that it specializes in. For instance, one facility might focus on alcohol abuse, or heroin use, while another might specialize in marijuana. A center might also focus on adolescents, criminal justice patients, those with a dual diagnosis, or on women. As such a client that wants to find an organization geared towards him or her, or to his or her drug of choice, will only have to flip through the centers until something appropriate comes out. However, most clinics and service providers will work with substance abusers of all stripes, which is a very helpful thing to know.

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